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Manufacturer Recommended Oil Change Maintenance Schedule

Your vehicle’s engine is comprised of many metal components. When your engine is running, these metal parts can collide, causing friction and excessive wear. To avoid this type of friction, it’s vital for your engine to use fluids to create lubrication. A major fluid within the engine that keeps everything moving smoothly and prevents internal damage is the engine’s oil. This is probably the single most important maintenance to preserve your engine’s quality performance. Oil changes are an inexpensive way to aid in maintaining the longevity of your vehicle. All of our maintenance services are meant to extend your vehicle’s road-life, and improve your driving experience. As engine oil ages, the heat from the engine breaks it down causing it to lose its lubrication. This causes excess friction within the engine and can prematurely wear down internal components. Using just any oil to protect your engine is not good enough. Muffler Masters makes sure you’re always using the best grade of oil and that it’s being changed on a consistent basis. We offer conventional, semi-synthetic, and full synthetic oil changes and keep our shelves stocked with oil filters for your convenience. Our oil change maintenance schedules will keep you one step ahead of any engine failure.

Schedule Your Next Oil Change Service Today!

Is it that time again? Many drivers guesstimate when it’s a good time to change their oil. Many factors go into knowing what’s best for your vehicle. For instance, we consider the age of your vehicle, your driving habits, the manufacturer’s recommendation, and more when designing your maintenance schedule. Give us a call to schedule the perfect time for you to visit our repair facility in Kannapolis, NC. We’ll enhance your engine with every oil change maintenance service we provide. For your convenience, you can schedule your next oil change appointment online, and we’ll have the shop ready for you to get in and out in no time. We look forward to serving you!