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Quality Repairs For Any EVAP Emission System Malfunctions

Your vehicle’s Evaporative Emission Control System (EVAP) is designed to protect you, your passengers, and the environment from harmful toxins. Gasoline vapors might get into the atmosphere from your fuel tank without the proper protection. The EVAP in your vehicle must always operate properly in order to prevent gasoline vapor leaks from getting into the atmosphere. At Muffler Masters, we know how to keep you protected and prevent you from failing an emissions testing. When your EVAP is malfunctioning, it will often cause a failed emissions reading during state inspections. This can also be the cause for check engine light alerts. When the little light on your dashboard comes on, there can be a number of things wrong. Our expert techs are skilled in servicing your vehicle’s EVAP, as well as identifying them as the cause for check engine lights. There could be major problems that result from a faulty EVAP system like a small leak. Come to our expert techs first, because we use the most advanced tools and equipment identify and service any problems to your EVAP system. This system is designed to protect you, your family, and the environment, but without our careful attention and inspection it can be a source of problems. The good news is, we can fix them for good, and have you safely back on the road and passing any emissions test!

Schedule Your EVAP System Services Today!

If your check engine light is on or you’ve failed an emissions test, the source could be your EVAP. Stop by our repair facility if you have any questions or concerns regarding your EVAP. We gladly welcome walk-ins. Customers should feel confident that any emissions control problems can be handled by us. We understand that emissions are not something that most drivers feel they have any control over. They also have no idea how to make it right. Fortunately, we do! So give us a call today, and schedule an appointment that works best for you. For your convenience, we also have an online scheduling system!